Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

Acts 5:17-26 | Ps. 34: 2-9 | Jn. 3:16-21

John tells us that God’s love for the world was so great that God sent Jesus, God’s son, to redeem us. Jesus came to bring the Light and truth of God’s love to us. We must be open in order to see this light and to recognize Jesus. Those that keep their eyes and hearts open cannot miss the Light of Christ. Those who do not will not see Christ and not live in the way of truth. Their darkness will only be spread over others and cause further darkness. We see this exhibited in the reading from Acts. Because the apostles live in and follow the Light, they are saved from prison through the Light of the Angels. The Sadducees and others who refuse to listen are still not able to recognize the Light when the apostles are freed.

Reflect on your manner of listening to God’s Word. How much do you allow the Light of Christ to bring new vision and wisdom to your life? In what ways might you improve? Begin to do so today.

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