Monday of the Third Week of Easter

Acts 6:8-15 | Ps. 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30 | Jn. 6:22-29

The first reading tells us about the trial of Stephen. We can see similarities in the false accusations made against Stephen and Jesus. The court is concerned not with truth but in getting rid of Stephen. Stephen has one concern which is the truth and remaining faithful to Jesus. Jesus is followed across the Sea of Tiberius. The people seem to want to know more about Him. Jesus challenges their motives. Do they follow Him because He has shown them deeds of God or because they have been fed? When asked what they were to do to perform the works of God, Jesus tells them that they are called to believe in Himself as the One whom the Father has sent.

Truth is the basis of both readings. How truthful are you? How important is it to speak the truth despite the ridicule you will receive? We are invited to spend time with Jesus today and to ask Him to teach us the truth and to enable us to be courageous enough to speak that truth to all whom we encounter.

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