Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

Acts 7:51-8:1 | Ps. 31:3-4, 6-8, 17, 21 | Jn. 6:30-35

We see Stephen at his trial attempting to reach the members of the Sanhedrin. They remain unchanged, and so he reminds them that they killed all the prophets and likewise have persisted in following the law according to their own choosing. They become angry and stone Stephen. Stephen prays. “Lord, do not hold this sin against them. “Truly Stephen was a disciple of Jesus. He spoke the truth, was killed for so doing, and while this is happening, he prays for those who are the murderers. The Gospel continues the dialogue between Jesus and the Jewish people. They ask Jesus for a sign in order for them to be able to believe in Him. Jesus tells them that He, Himself is the sign. He is the bread of life. Whoever comes to Him will never be hungry and whoever believes in Him will never be thirsty. This is an important statement not just for the Jewish people but for us as well. Jesus is telling us to place all our trust in Him. If we do so, we will not want for anything. Jesus is also foretelling the gift of Himself to us through His Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

We have so many gifts and treasures. Perhaps we have too many. The greatest gift is the gift of Christ Himself. Take time to be with Jesus and ask for the grace to come to appreciate fully the gift of Himself in the Eucharist.

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