Feasts of Sts. George and St. Adalbert

Acts 9:1-20 | Ps. 117:1-2 | John 6:52-59

Today’s readings have an element of surprise in them. Paul is taken in surprise by God when he is blinded on the road to Damascus. His life is forever changed. Ananias is surprised because God wants him to go to this man, a killer of Christians, and cure him. Jesus is asking the Jews to believe the unbelievable that His body and blood will provide life for all of them. Have you ever been surprised by the words or actions of another? Have you been surprised by whom God chooses to do God’s work?

Are you open to seeing that God does not judge people in the same manner as you do? How might God be calling you to change the way you view someone, a co-worker, a relative, a neighbor? This is the bread God invites you to eat today. Be open to changing the way you look upon others. Be ready for a surprise. Go out to someone you don’t usually like to associate with. Bring God to him/her and allow God to come to you.

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