Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 11:1-18 | Ps. 42:2-3, 43:3-4 | John 10:1-10

Today, we see that Peter has been inspired to baptize the Gentiles. Up to this point the Gentiles were being required to undergo the Jewish rituals in order to come into the church. Peter’s dream makes him realize that God wants all people and has come to save all. The early Church has been brought to a new level of understanding of who God’s chosen are. Jesus calls himself the sheepfold and will bring in all His sheep and keep them safe. We are those sheep, the gentiles, who are a part of the flock. Jesus was sent to all and does not discriminate. We are those who keep ourselves from being a part of the flock when we do not listen to the voice of the shepherd.

Consider the way you listen to Jesus. Do you allow yourself time to listen so that you will hear the voice of Christ? Do you listen to the call to inclusivity? Is there anyone you do not include at your table? Why or why not? What might Christ’s all-embracing love for you be calling you to do in regard to inclusivity?

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