Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter

 Acts 4:32-37 |Ps. 93:1-2, 5  |Jn. 3:7b-15

The apostles continue to bring the word of God to all.  The group, that is, the apostles, disciples and all the converts have been deeply touched by God and have been converted.   They recognize that all must live for one another and all must be willing to share with others from their abundance.  Thus, when they sell anything the proceeds of the sale are brought to the apostles to be shared with those who are in need.   Jesus continues His dialogue with Nicodemus.  Nicodemus just can’t follow what Jesus is trying to teach.  We are exactly like Nicodemus.  We want everything to be understandable.  If it isn’t we can’t fully accept it.  What Christ tries to tell Nicodemus and us is that not everything can be fully explained.  We must believe without seeing otherwise it is not faith.  Jesus tells us that He will have to suffer and in the suffering He will gain eternal life for us.  Surely, there is no way to explain fully nor understand this outlandish love of God for us.

Spend some time with these passages.  How might God be calling you to greater faith today?  What one aspect of these scriptures touches your heart or calls you to a change of attitude.  Pray for the grace of that change.

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