Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 11:19-26 | Ps. 87:1-7 | Jn. 10:22-30

Jesus is in the temple for the festival of the Dedication. He is once again challenged by the Jews as to whether He is the Messiah or not. Jesus reminds them that He has responded to them and they refuse to believe. His works tell them who He is. The Father gives testimony to Him. Those who listen are the sheep of His flock. They hear His voice and follow. Jesus promises that those who believe in Him will be saved. He and the Father are one. We see that the Jews refuse to believe. Therefore they cannot hear Jesus’s voice. They cannot become part of the flock. What is needed is faith. The Acts of the Apostles continues the story of the Conversion of many Gentiles. Barnabas goes to Antioch to see what is happening, and he gives his blessings to their work. He also goes to obtain Paul to come and help with this great work that is taking place. It is here in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians. When people believe/have faith in God, many wonderful things occur and others are converted.

Today, reflect on your own life. How much do you believe in Jesus? How is this faith lived out among others? Would those who observe you be able to call you a Christian? If not, how can you change so that they would do so in the future?

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