Fifth Sunday of Lent

Is. 43:16-21 | Ps. 126:1-6 | Phil. 3:8-14 | Jn. 8:1-11

Think of a time when you met Christ in a very personal way.  Consider the circumstances.  What were you feeling?  Now, consider the passage from John when Jesus rescues the woman caught in adultery from those who wanted to stone her. More importantly, they wanted to trap Jesus in order to find ways to arrest Him.  Jesus knew the motives of the people.  However, He is more concerned for the woman, and He has great compassion for her.  Jesus responds with a question that causes each person to put down the stone and walk away.  Christ has saved us through His death and resurrection.  The author of Philippians has experienced this wonderful saving power of Jesus.  He has allowed this experience to touch the core of his being and so he can say that there is nothing so important save Jesus Christ.

We can feel the same way.  All we need to do is to take time to be with Christ in prayer.  Give quiet time to Christ and allow Him to touch the core of our beings.  When we do, so we will know that depth of Christ’s love for us.  Our lives will be changed forever.  Take time to be with Christ today.  Allow Christ to touch your soul.  Experience His love.  Live out of that love.

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