Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 13:26-33 | Ps. 2:6-11 | John 14:1-60

Jesus is with the apostles at the Passover Supper. He has just told them about the denial of Peter and the betrayal of Judas. He continues His talk by telling them not to be troubled and to believe in Him and in God. What great compassion! Instead of turning in on Himself and talking about what is going to happen, He turns to help His apostles out by trying to encourage them. Jesus continues by telling them that He will be preparing a place for them in the Father’s house. He will return, however, and take them with Him. When Thomas replies that He does not know where He is going so how can they know the way, Jesus responds with: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.” We have all we need to journey to eternal life. All we need to do is to listen to the Words of God and follow. That is how we will know the path to take. Paul assures us that if we do follow, we will also know that God is calling us God’s beloved and that God is pleased with us.

Today, spend time with Christ at this last supper. Become aware of how much sorrow Jesus must be feeling. Watch Him as He goes out to the apostles in compassion to encourage them to remain steadfast. What does this reading call forth from you? How are you being called to follow Jesus? Be specific. At the end of the day, reflect to see how faithful you were.

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