Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Dn. 3:14-20, 91-92, 95 | Ps. Dn. 3:52-56 | Jn.8: 31-42

Today’s readings teach us about truth and freedom.  We see the three young  Israelites who know who is the one true God and refuse to believe or worship the golden calf which was made as an idol.   Because they know and speak the truth, they are free, free from concerns about living well and about doing as the king commands.  They know that there is only one God and they will worship no other .  Jesus invites those who listen to Him to believe in Him, to recognize that God has sent Him to bring about the work of God in their lives.  Jesus tries to bring them to know the truth and to accept the truth.  Jesus is trying to touch their hearts and to open them to see that what He is saying brings freedom.  However, their hearts remain closed.  They are unable to hear the truth and thus they remain unfree.  How often we are unable to hear what others are trying to tell us because we have one concept before us which we refuse to discard!

Today, Christ calls us to the truth.  Christ asks us to recognize that God’s Word brings us joy, peace, harmony.  The Word from others leads us to a lack of these gifts.  Spend time reflecting on whose voice you listen to most.  How might God be inviting you to be more open?  Ask for the grace to do so.

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