Feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle, Priest

Genesis 17:3-9 | Ps. 105:4-9 |John 8:51-59

Jesus tells us that if we keep his word, we will not die.  He is not talking literally.  He is referring to listening to the Word of God and following that Word.  If we do so, we will have eternal life.  Those who have not done so will not have that eternal joy.  Genesis is also speaking about that Word.  It is the Word promised to Abraham and to all his descendants.  It is the promise that all will be saved.  

To what degree do you listen to Jesus’ Words?  Do you believe Jesus or only those words that speak what is easily understood or what you want to accept?  What Word of God is hard to hear?  What change is God asking you to make in your life this Lent?  Take time to listen to this Word, open your heart, and begin the process of change.  God will be with you at every step on the journey.  Ask God for the strength you need.

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