Thursday within the Octave of Easter

Acts 3:11-26 | Ps. 8:2a, 5-9 | Lk. 24:35-48

Jesus appears to the apostles. His first words are: “Peace be with you.” As a human, Jesus could have been very hurt and upset at the apostles because of their actions just a few days ago. Instead He says, “Peace be with you.” Jesus always wants to bring peace to us. He wants to forgive us for our sins and acts of selfishness. He also wants the apostles to realize that it is Himself and not a vision. His message is that He came to fulfill all that was written about Him in the scriptures. He came to suffer and die for the forgiveness of our sins. His resurrection is the proof that He was God. Jesus wants to bring us healing and peace.

Take time today to be with Jesus. See him offering you His peace and forgiveness. Don’t let anything get in your way to prevent you from accepting Jesus’ peace and forgiveness. Let this power of Christ take hold of you. Resolve to bring Christ’s peace and forgiveness to all you meet today.

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