Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

 Jer. 20:10-13 | Ps. 18:2-7 | John 10:31-42

Jeremiah is talking about how people are plotting to trip him.  He realizes that they will not be successful because God is on his side.  It is as if Jeremiah is telling the story of what is happening to Jesus.  The Jews want to stone Jesus.  Jesus asks them why and they try to accuse Jesus of blasphemy.  Jesus is not afraid.  He tries to bring them to realize how stubborn they are but they will not hear.  Yet during this dialogue there are others who are listening and are touched.  They believe in Jesus and realize that he is the one John talked about.  It is as though John’s testimony makes sense now.  

Do you believe that God wants to be in a relationship with you?  Do you want to be in a relationship with God?  What will you do so that this can happen?  Make a plan to do so and try to be faithful to it.

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