Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

 Ez. 37:21-28  | Ps. Jer. 31:10-13 | John 11:45-56

John has raised Lazarus from the dead.  Those who witnessed it believed in Jesus.  The Pharisees, on the contrary, use this miracle as a way to bring about Jesus’ destruction.  Caiaphas, the high priest, prophecies that Jesus will die for the nation.  Indeed Jesus does die for the nation and for the whole world.  This is what Ezekiel is speaking about in the first reading.  Thus the prediction is a fulfillment of the covenant made by Yahweh.  God has told the Israelites that they will be God’s people and God will be their God.  What greater act of love could be given to us than the death of Jesus to carry out the covenant of love?

This is the time to have this covenant fulfilled for you.  Spend time with God allowing this love of God to come to you.  Realize the depth of this love.  Allow your heart to be touched.   Sit wonder and awe and gratitude at God’s love for you.  Bring that love to others today.

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