Feast of St. Lawrence, Deacon

Readings: 2Cor. 9:6-10 | Ps. 112:1-2, 5-9 | Jn. 12:24-26

Generosity is the topic of today’s readings. Jesus is telling us that unless we are willing to die to self and all our own selfish desires then we will not be able to share in the abundance of the banquet. Paul is saying the same thing when he speaks about sewing abundantly or sparingly. If we are to follow Christ, there will be times when we will have to set aside our own wishes and desires. We will be called to generously share ourselves in service for others. That includes the sharing of our natural gifts, our hard earned money, our time. Most of all, it means giving up our way of living to enter into the way of life that Jesus lived. Sometimes this may require more of us than others.

Consider the times it has been hard for you to follow the path of Christ. Ask yourself why it was so hard? What sacrifice was being asked of you? Ask God for the grace to be able to respond positively the next time you are asked to do something similar. In the end, you will receive more in return.

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