Feast of St. Claire

Dt. 34:1-12 | Ps. 66:1-3, 5, 8, 16-17 | Mt. 18:15-20

Moses dies in the land of Moab and does not experience the pleasure of entering the Promised Land. The reading reminds us how great a prophet Moses was and how close he was to God. Jesus calls us to forgiveness and to mend the breaches between ourselves and others. When we have a grievance against another, we should go to him/her and not allow that grievance to fester inside. Jesus tells us that where two or three gather in His name to pray, there He is in our midst. How important it is for us to ask others to pray with and for us so that we can be in God’s presence? The power and strength of God is present when we gather with others.

How do you handle your grievances? Do you forgive or do you hold grudges? Take time to ask God to grant you a forgiving heart and friends/family to pray with you in time of need.

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