Feast of St. Clare

Ez. 12:1-12 | Pa. 78:56-59, 61-62 | Mt. 18:21-19:1

The Theme of the Gospel is forgiveness.  Jesus tells the story of the servant who was forgiven a great debt by his master.  When this servant is approached by another servant, he refuses to forgive him his debt.  Jesus tells us that we must indeed respond to others in the same manner in which God deals with us.  We are always forgiven for our wrongdoings and debts.  God expects that this ultimatum of love must be responded to by our forgiving of others. God readily forgives us.   We are called to readily forgive others.

We are called to look in a special way at the hurts in our lives.  Check back to see if there are people you have not forgiven for some hurt to you.  Consider this Gospel and respond as Christ calls to respond.  Forgive this person and allow the healing touch of Christ to reach you.  Find a way to express this forgiveness.  Ask for the grace to be able to readily forgive in the future. 

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