Wednesday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Ez. 9:1-7; 10:18-22 | Ps. 113:1-6 | Mt. 18:15-20

Jesus tells us today that we are responsible for others. We are to teach all how to live. We are to show others the way to God by the way we live. If we see others who are not following the way to God, we should attempt to teach them how to change. Each of us has the power to forgive others. Jesus calls us to do so each day of our life. We are to follow in his footsteps and be forgiving. All who came to Jesus were healed. Jesus can be seen forgiving each of these people. Forgiveness seems to be one of the steps towards healing. We are called to forgive others and to accept forgiveness from others. We bind or loose others through our compassion and forgiveness or our stubbornness and lack of forgiveness.

Stop during your day to see how often you forgive those who hurt you. Who might you be called to heal despite their worthiness? Take time to forgive them. Have you forgiven yourself? You will not be able to be compassionate toward others if you are not compassionate with yourself. Ask God for the gift to forgive yourself and others.

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