Feast of St. Jane Frances de Chantel

Ez. 16:1-15, 60, 63 | Is. 12:2-6 | Mt. 19:3-12

Love!  What is love?  Where do we find love today?  In whom can we find intimate love?  Who will love us infinitely?  God is the answer?  The first reading teaches us about God’s love for the people of Israel.  Irrespective of the actions of the people who refused to change their ways, God comes with love beyond imagining and tries to bring the people back to God.  In the Gospel, Jesus teaches us that our love for our spouse should be like the love of God for us.  We should be faithful to the love we promise to the end of our days.  Yet most of us do not live the depth of love that God has for us.  We sin and bring suffering to others.  Jesus teaches us to go to God and ask for the gifts we need to live as we should.

Today, consider times when you have offended others and thus have offended God.  Ask God to forgive you.  Go to those you have offended and ask for their forgiveness.  Begin to live life with renewed energy and love each day.

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