Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jer. 38:4-6, 8-10 | Ps. 40:2-4, 18 | Heb. 12:1-4 | Luke 12: 49-53

All three readings touch on the theme of suffering for the sake of the Kingdom.  Jeremiah is falsely accused and thrown into the Cistern.  Paul reminds us of Christ’s willingness to take up the Cross to suffer for us, and that we, as followers of Christ, are called to do the same.  Jesus tells that He has come to set the Earth on Fire, and that He wishes it were blazing.  We are the people Christ has come to set on fire with a deep love for God.  His desire is that we accept that love so completely that we will likewise fire others with the desire to work to spread the Good News of Jesus.  Doing this may set us at odds with members of our family and friends who do not accept Christ.  We must be willing to put up with their criticism, dislike, etc.

Consider the depth of your love for and acceptance of Christ in your life.  Have you been “caught” or are you on fire, for Christ.  How do you readily, joyfully, enthusiastically bring Christ to all with whom you come in contact?

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