Monday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Judges 2:11-19 | Ps. 106:34-40, 43-44 | Mt. 19:16-22

Have you ever asked someone a question and received an answer you didn’t like? You wish you never asked the question. This is what happens in today’s Gospel. The young man asks Jesus what he had to do to enter the kingdom. When he pursues the question further, Jesus, tells him to sell his possessions and to follow Him. The young man went away sad because he had many possessions. Jesus always invites us to growth. As soon as we go from point A to point B,
Jesus will invite us to point C, then D, etc. Moving from point to point involves giving up something. We will always have to change. We must be willing to hear what we don’t want to hear and to give up what we want to possess. That possession may be as simple as a memory or as profound as a character change. But we must be willing to do so if we are to grow in Christ.

Reflect on today’s Gospel. Where might Christ be inviting you to grow? Will you give up what you possess?

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