Monday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Ez. 24:15-24 | (Ps.) Dt. 32:18-21 | Mt. 19:16-22

Jesus teaches us about what is needed for eternal life. Ezekiel is also talking about what are the essentials of life. We are called to recognize the many gifts and treasures that we have been given both in regard to the people in our lives as well as the possessions we have. We are called to realize that all is gift. We have not earned any of it, and we cannot be guaranteed these gifts forever. Jesus tries to teach the young man that he will gain eternal life when he is freed from the gifts. If we hold onto gifts and they become possessors of us, those gifts will take us away from God. We need to see how much our gifts, talents, treasure, etc. possess us or how much we utilize these gifts in a spirit of gratitude for God’s honor and glory.

Take an inventory today. Make a list of your gifts and talents. Be sure to include all the people in your life. How much gratitude do you have for these gifts? How often do you give thanks for these gifts? How do you use these gifts to give honor and glory to God? What do you take for granted? How will you change your attitude toward these gifts? Be sure to include in your action plan a way to check up on your attitude each day.

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