Tuesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Judges 6:11-24a | Ps. 85:9, 11-14 | Mt. 19:23-30

Jesus continues to explain the need to give up possessions. Those who are rich will find it hard to enter the kingdom. Jesus is not talking about material wealth only. He is addressing possessions of any sort, be they family, friends, spiritual treasures, mental abilities, etc. These
are all gifts given to us to use to bring goodness to ourselves and others. When we cling to these things, they become possessors of us. We don’t possess them, they possess us. Jesus tells us that if we are willing to give up these possessions, and use them for the Kingdom, then we will be rewarded greatly now as well as when we die.

Look over your possessions. Which do you possess? Which possesses you? One way to find out, is to think about giving them away. Which would bother you to give it away? That is the one that holds too much importance for you. Try to find a way to give that item up.

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