Tuesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Ez. 28:1-10 | Ps. Dt. 32:26-28, 30, 35-36 | Mt. 19:23-30

We have the same message in both readings today. Know and remember that we are created in God’s image. All we have has been gifted to us. Ezekiel tells the people that since they do not realize this fact, God will take all away from them and some other nation will possess their goods. Jesus tells us that if we are mindful of our gifts and use them according to the designs of God, then all will be enjoyed by us. We will be rewarded for our good stewardship of God’s gifts. If we are not willing to share our gifts, then we will lose what we have as well. It is simply another reminder of what we heard yesterday. God is our provider. We should live with all that is provided in a spirit of deep gratitude.

Continue to look at your inventory from yesterday. How will you express gratitude for all your gifts? Be sure to do so before the end of this day.

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