Wednesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Judges 9:6-15 | Ps. 21:2-7 | Mt. 20:1-16

Today we celebrate Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. We believe that Mary holds this honored place because she was the Mother of God. She, who bore Christ, also brings all to Him. The Gospel is the story of the man who owns a vineyard and goes out to the market to hire men to work in his fields. He agrees with them on a specific wage and sends them into work. Each time he goes out, he finds more people to hire and to send into the vineyard. When the end of the day comes, the owner pays each person the same wage. Those hired first are annoyed but the owner reminds them of their agreement. What Christ wants each of us to understand is that those who listen to His word and carry it out will be rewarded in heaven. It does not matter when I hear God’s word. What matters is hearing and responding!

Take time to see. How open you are to the Word of God? Do you accept God’s word spoken to you? Do you live according to that Word? Do you attempt to bring that word to others?

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