Feast of St. John Eudes

Judges 11:29-39 | Ps. 40:5, 7-10 | Mt. 22:1-14

Jesus is telling another parable about the kingdom of heaven. This time, Jesus compares the kingdom to a king who gave a wedding feast. Those invited found other things to do when the time for the banquet came. So, the king sent out to the streets for others to come to enjoy the banquet. Those who came to such a banquet were given the proper attire to wear. Thus, the king becomes angry when he sees someone without the proper clothing. We have been invited to the banquet through our baptism. Remaining faithful to that baptismal call, we will be clothed with correct garments. Those who do not remain faithful and reject Christ are those who find other excuses. Christ has come so that all will enjoy the banquet. What is required is that we respond positively to Jesus and live each day as Jesus taught us to live. Doing so, we will be properly clothed and will enjoy the banquet.

Take time to reflect on your response to Christ. Do you carry out His Word? Do you need to change the way you respond to Christ? Decide on what you will do today.

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