Feast of St. Pius X

Ru. 2:1-3, 8-11; 4:13-17 | Ps. 128:1-5 | Mt. 23:1-12

Today we celebrate Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. We believe that Mary holds this honored place because she was the Mother of God. She, who bore Christ, also brings all to Him.

Jesus teaches His followers that the Pharisees love to be noticed. Therefore, almost everything they do, they do to be seen and to obtain admiration. Jesus tells us that we are not to act this way. We are to do good deeds out of love for God and God’s people. We are not to be looking to be noticed and admired. The latter will be rewarded in this life while the former will be rewarded by God, perhaps in the present, but more importantly, in the future. God desires to know that we love God fully with no strings attached.

Reflect on this reading. How does God call you to act? What motivates you to respond to others and to God? How can you begin to act more responsibly? Begin to do so today.

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