Feast of St. Bartholomew, Apostle

Rv: 21: 9b- 14 | Ps. 145: 10-13b, 17-18  | Jn. 1:45-51

Today’s Gospel gives us a picture of Jesus as one who can see into the heart of a person and tell you what he found there.  Because Jesus told Nathaniel that he saw him under the fig tree and that there was no duplicity in him, Nathaniel believed in him.  Jesus assures him that he will see far greater things than this.  It is the ability of Jesus to see into the heart of Nathanael that attracts him.  Philip is open enough to hear what Jesus says and because he is, his whole life is changed at this moment in time.  Many times in our lives, individuals touch us in positive or negative ways.  Many times, through various events,  God reaches out and touches us.   Such times may be as; the birth of a baby, a moment of beauty in nature, the look of a loved one, etc.  Today, Christ wants to touch your lives, t touch your life.  How will you respond?

Take time to think about a moment in your life when God touched you.  Recall the events that surrounded that moment.  Recapture that moment.  Allow yourself to be open so that God can touch your life and you will be changed forever.

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