Feast of Louis and St. Joseph Calasanz

1Thes. 2:9-13 | Ps. 139:7-12 | Mt. 23:27-32

Paul is giving thanks and encouraging the Thessalonians to remain faithful to his teaching of the Word of God to them.  He assures them that this is the Word of God spoken to them; and, as such, should be lived faithfully.  Jesus, on the other hand, is condemning the Scribes and Pharisees for not doing this.  He tells them that they spend unending time on outward appearances and little on the inward. They are more concerned that they be perceived as great, being praised, etc., than they are with how they carry out the laws of God internally.  We are all aware of the term: “you can’t judge the book by its cover.”  This is true to what Jesus is stating concerning the leaders of the Jews.

How do you live out the Gospel?  Are you concerned about doing the letter of the law, or is your concern about loving God and doing things out of love for God.  Pause to consider this.  What will you do?

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