Feast of St. Monica

Readings: 1Cor. 1:1-9 | Ps. 145:2-7 | Mt. 24:42-51

Paul’s greeting to the Corinthians is setting the scene for Jesus’ discourse in Matthew. Paul assures the people that if they remain faithful, God will bring to fruition all that God has begun in them. He assures them that God is faithful to the end. Jesus is telling us that we must stay awake and be alert because we do not know when our time of death will come. We have been placed over many talents and jobs. God has given us the gifts we need to do these works well and to bring God’s love and care to others. If we remain faithful, we will be given all we need to live our lives with great abundance. However, when we refuse to stay faithful, God will likewise ask an accounting of our lives and we will all be rewarded accordingly.

Today, take stock in your daily living of the Gospels. Do you live each day with love and concern for others? Do you treat all as gifts given to you to be respected? How might you be called to change? Make an action plan and work towards accomplishing these tasks.

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