Feast of St. Monica

1 Cor. 1:26-31 | Ps. 33:12-13 18-21 | Mt. 25:14-30

Paul continues his talk about living the life we are called to live by God.  Who we are and what we have, has been gifted to us by God.  In return, we are to use God’s gifts in gratitude to God and not take credit for those gifts.  Our boasting must be boasting in God.  Jesus likewise teaches us how to use the gifts we are given.  We have been given various gifts and talents and God, will expect that we develop and utilize all of these gifts for God’s honor and glory.  If we refuse to use them, as the person who was given only one talent, then God will reward us accordingly.  God gives each of us talents.  We are called to the proper use of them.  God will not expect us to use ten talents if we have only one but to use the one if we have been given one.

Take time today to name your gifts and talents.  How well do you use them?  Are there some that you have not used well?  Why not?  What steps can you take to use these gifts more fully in response to God’s desires for you?  Give thanks to God for all of them.

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