Feast of the Passion of St. John the Baptist

1 Cor. 2:1-5 | Ps. 119:97-102 | Mk. 6:17-29

There are many ideas to concentrate and reflect upon in  these readings.  Looking directly at the Gospel, there are many people we could reflect upon to see what is the lesson for us today.  John, the Baptist, faithful to his call to be a prophet and to tell the truth, is one.  Another is Herodias, along with her daughter.  And finally there is the King.  Looking at John the Baptist, one could wonder why he was so outspoken.  Why didn’t he go along with the vast majority who ignored it.  Herodias, especially, doesn’t like John because he is awakening her conscience, and she does not want to admit that she has done anything wrong.  Her daughter could be looked upon as a pawn, being used by her mother to accomplish what she wants done.  Finally there is Herod.  His conscience is bothered.  He listens but is afraid  to hear the full truth of what John is saying.  Finally, he gives into the desire to satisfy his own yearnings rather than listen to the message.  In a moment of weakness, he gives into his own desires, and , out of fear of what others think, gives in and has John beheaded.

Spend time today looking at each of these people.  Which one is calling you to spend time with ?  Choose one and find out what this person is teaching you.  Ask God for the help, see what you might learn from him/her.

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