Wednesday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jer. 31:1-7 | Ps. Jer. 31:10-13 | Mt. 15:21-28

At a first reading of today’s Gospel, one would not consider Jesus as very compassionate.  One could almost say Jesus was somewhat prejudicial toward the Cananite woman.  Yet she did not give up, she continued to ask Jesus for healing despite His response.  Jesus saw her faith, concern and love for her daughter and could not refuse her request.  The woman has much to teach us.  Are you willing to suffer abuse because of your great love for God or others?  Will you remain compassionate no matter what opposition you endure?  Do you remain faithful in your faith in God?  Will you believe even when all seems impossible?  Jesus seems to be telling us that he will be with us.  We need to believe and remain faithful.

Today call upon God for all you need.   Give your faith and trust to God.  Remain steadfast.  All will be taken care of.

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