Feast of St. Sixtus II

Readings: Na. 2:1, 3; 3:1-3, 6-7 | Ps. Dt. 32:35-36, 39,41 | Mt. 16:24-28

“Buy this new boat!” “Experience the joy of living”…. “This car is right for you.” “Want to be the best, then get _____.” These and similar words are the ways in which we are enticed to get on with living the good life. Jesus’ words today are: “If you wish to come after me, you must deny your very self and take up your cross and follow in My footsteps.” These certainly are different extremes. The first directive seems to be bringing us happiness and joy. The second set certainly are not so enticing. Yet, if we stop, look and see the results, we will find that Jesus’ words are the better. We are promised eternal life if we adopt Jesus’ ways. We may have immediate happiness by following the first set of directions but all will fade and die. How many times do the words of the world catch you and tempt you to follow? How do you think Christ’s words and example call you to a new life?

Stop to look at your life. How is Christ calling you to follow in His footsteps? When and where do you need to make changes? Remember, a few changes today will heap up rewards in the future. Christ will never be outdone in generosity. Give your all to God in joy and faithful love.

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