Feast of St. Sixtus II

Dt. 6:4-13 | Ps. 18:2-4, 47, 51 | Mt. 17:14-20

God is telling the Israelites that they must love God with their whole being and not serve any other God. They are told to write this word on their hearts, heads, entire being, in their home, on their doorposts, etc. In other words, they are to have this Commandment before them wherever they go. They must not have any strange God anywhere. Jesus is impatient in today’s reading because His disciples were not able to heal the epileptic. When asked why they were not able to do so, Jesus tells them it is because of their lack of faith. If they/we have faith, the size of a mustard seed, anything they/we command will take place. These disciples have walked with Jesus for some time now. Jesus wants them to be filled with faith and He finds them still faltering. Jesus does not give up. He continues to teach the disciples.

Consider these two readings. What is the quality of your love of God? What is the quality of your faith? Are you willing to grow? Take time to ask Christ to help you grow and become more like Him today.

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