Feast of St. Dominic

Readings: Hb. 1:12-2:4 | Ps. 9:8-13 | Mt. 17:14-20

Both Habakkuk and Matthew contain stories about evil and its effects and how to overcome this evil. After lamenting what appears to be the success of evil doers, Habakkuk returns with the reminder from God that the vision they desire has its time. God encourages the people to remain strong, and they will indeed see that their dreams will be fulfilled. Similar events of the triumph of evil are related in Matthew. The boy is not cured by the apostles. Jesus reminds all that evil cannot be overcome unless one has deep trust. The end of the story tells us that evil cannot be expelled without prayer and fasting. Jesus wants all of us to remember that the vision will be fulfilled but we must also be people of deep trust, prayer and fasting. We must want to gift our lives over in trust to God and be willing to expend ourselves for others through sacrifice and prayer. Parents sacrifice for children. Spouses sacrifice for one another. Are we willing to do likewise for God?

Spend time with Christ today. Ask Christ for that faith and love that he had which enabled Him to sacrifice His life for us. What small step can you take today to do so for others.

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