Baptism of the Lord

Brothers and Sisters,
God is good – all the time!
I am so grateful for the expressions of concern and prayer I have received from Queen of Peace and our Gainesville area Catholic community at my diagnosis and early days of convalescence from COVID. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have long been humbled and encouraged by your kindness, not only toward me, but the way you all routinely come together as a family to do God’s work. Through these many months you have continued to love and serve the Lord and one another. Our Queen of Peace Community is a great example of synodality; listening, collaborating and working side by side in the parish and in our larger community. This has been part of the fabric here since the early days and the feeling that is made manifest is indeed palpable.
As we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord we’re reminded that the Holy Spirit anointed Jesus for His ministry which began that very same day; it was the beginning of a new creation. We too are a new creation when we are filled with gratitude for our amazing God. When we are grateful followers of Jesus and servant-leaders in imitation of Him, we are made new, empowered to be a light to the world, even in trying times.
God the Father opened the heavens, sending the Holy Spirit upon Jesus, saying, “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well-pleased.” When we “listen with the ear of the heart” we allow the words and actions of Jesus in the Gospel to enter deeply into our hearts and minds. Perhaps a good reflection this week might be this: How, or in what ways, have we personally experienced God’s love in our lives and what might Jesus be revealing to us?