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8:30am – 5:30pm
Note: We are closed from 12:30-1:30pm each day for lunch.


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Pastor | Fr. Alberto Esposito | 352-332-6279
Parochial Vicar | Fr. Figi George | 352-332-6279
Parochial Vicar | Fr. Joseph Dos Santos | 352-332-6279
Director of Religious Education | Sr. Beatrice Caulson | 352-448-4542
Deacon | Jorge Morales | 352-332-6279
Parish Administrator | Glen Vassou | 352-448-4555
Fiscal Administrator | Mari Hamilton | 352-448-4549
Office Manager | Angie Bernerd | 352-448-4547
Receptionist | Betsy Guin | 352-332-6279
Director of Liturgy | Edna Boyette | 352-448-4543
Director of Music | Gary Kneal | 352-448-4544
Director of Stewardship | Erica Hartge | 352-448-4546
Director of Religious Education (PK-5) | Lisa McQuagge | 352-448-4548
Director of Youth Ministry | Andrew Tierney | 352-448-4545

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