Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

 Is. 25:6-10a | Ps. 23:1-6 | Mt. 15:29-37

Isaiah continues to predict what it will be like when the Messiah, the Holy One of God, comes.  The Holy One will provide a feast of rich food and well aged wine.  All the negative images of the past will be wiped away, and all will live in great peace and happiness.  Matthew tells the story of Jesus healing all who come to Him, the blind, deaf, lame, and mute.  All who came to be healed are healed. Indeed this is what Isaiah predicted.  The people who come to Him are filled with trust, and Jesus has great compassion on them.  Jesus also recognizes that they are hungry; and, so, He invites them to sit down and feeds them from the five barley loaves and two fish.  This is a feast that is referred to by Isaiah. The greater feast is the Eucharistic feast which will prepare us for the feast of the Eternal Kingdom.

Today, consider who needs your assistance.  Do something that will help them out and enable them to have a better day.

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