Third Sunday of Advent

Zep. 3:14-18a | Ps. Is. 12:2-6 | Phil. 4:4-7  | Lk. 3:10-18

Today is the Third Sunday of Advent or Gaudete Sunday.  We are halfway through Advent and so the church calls us to rejoice in the fact that we are two weeks away from Christmas.  All the readings call us to rejoice.  Zephaniah calls us to rejoice because God has taken all judgment away from us and has turned our enemies away as well.  Zephaniah also calls us to throw all fear aside because God is in our midst.  Paul’s letter to the Philippians calls us to rejoice in God.  Paul tells us that the Lord is near and we should let our gentleness be known to all people.  Likewise, we should guard our hearts and minds and bring peace to all.  Luke’s Gospel relates John’s preaching to the people.  John calls the people to share what they have with others. He tells the tax collectors to be fair.  The soldiers were not to extort money by false accusations.  When asked if he is the Messiah, John humbly responds: “… one who is more powerful than I is coming; I am not worthy to untie his sandals.  He will baptize with the Holy Spirit.”  So we are called to rejoice in God’s coming and to be humble realizing that God is so much more than we could be.

Today, spend time rejoicing with your family and friends.  Take time to be quiet and consider the ways in which God has blessed you and your family.  Rejoice in these wonderful acts and give thanks for them.  Find some way to show your gratitude by giving from your abundance to those who are in need.

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