Feast of St. John of the Cross

Readings: Num. 24:2-7, 15-17 | Ps. 25:4-9 | Mt. 21:23-27

Balaam, the Oracle, prophesizes the coming of the Savior. He is most assured of this promise and tells of His coming when he says: “I see Him, though not now; I behold Him, though not near.” This coming of the Savior is what we prepare for during Advent. We prepare to meet Christ in our hearts. We prepare our hearts by being open each day to recognize God’s actions in our lives.

Jesus is challenged over and over again by the Pharisees. They want Him to say something that they can use against Him and bring Him to trial for blasphemy. Jesus does not need to prove Himself. He responds by asking a question and causing the Pharisees to be on the defensive. The Pharisees do not want to get caught, so they refuse to answer. The Pharisees are so full of themselves and so full of desiring to be on the top that they will do anything to maintain their position.

How willing are you to empty yourself of all the past ways of thinking, of being? Ask Jesus to give you the courage to do this. Begin with one area today.

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