Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent

Readings: Is. 45:6b-8, 21b -25 | Ps. 85:9-14 | Lk. 7:18b -23

Isaiah and Luke seem to repeat each other. Isaiah tells us of the deeds of God. Jesus tells John’s disciples about his deeds through the deeds themselves. Both talk about the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the dead being raised, lepers cleansed and the poor being preached the Good News.
What Jesus is telling John’s disciples is that the answer to who he is, is found in what He does. Jesus’ challenge to us is the same. What we do is who we are. The challenge for us is to be the Good News for others: Bring peace, joy, happiness, patience, love, etc. to others.

Pause to consider your life and your actions. Do you bring the Good News to others? How can you be more fully the Christian toward those who are around you? How can you be more fully the Christian to the needy, homeless, those who are without proper clothing for the cold, the abused, the hungry, etc. Find one particular person or group that you can help this Advent.

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