Friday of the Third Week of Advent

Jer. 23:5-8 | Ps.  72:1, 12-13, 18-19 | Mt. 1:18-25

Jeremiah foretells the coming of the Messiah who will come from David’s house.  He will bring jstice, righteousness and rule wisely.  When this happen.§ all will know that God Lives and God remain   with the people.  The Gospel reminds us that Mary responded with her “yes” to God’s request.  Joseph, not knowing why Mary was pregnant, wanted to put her away quietly.  He is visited by God in his dreams and comes to realize that the child is to be the Messiah.  Having now received God’s word, Joseph responds with his “yes.”  God invites each of us, each day, to grow in relationship with God.  It is our free choice to respond with a “yes,” “no” or “later.”  If we live in God’s love, we too will respond with a “yes.”

Take time to listen to God’s word in these readings. Ask God to help you with whatever gift you need to live each day with love for God and others.

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