Fourth Sunday of Advent

 Is. 7:10-14 | Ps. 24:1-6 | Rom. 1:1-7 | Mt. 1:18-24

God gave Ahaz the vision that is being spoken about in the Gospel.  Ahaz is impatient.  Isaiah announces that the child will be living on curds and honey by the time he learns to distinguish between good and evil.   The Gospel tells us how Joseph makes a choice to refrain from harming Mary.  Joseph is given the inspiration to do this in a dream.  God will use all means possible to get our attention.  Joseph listened to his dream and took Mary for his wife.  The call is for us to do the same.  We must discern from all the voices that try to get us to be distracted from doing God’s will.  The more we do, the more we will make good discernments.

Take time on this important day, as we walk towards Christmas, to be quiet and to treat yourself to time with God.   Wait for the direction you need in your life.  Be open, be aware, share with another, and be prepared to live a fuller life. 

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