Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent

 Is. 7:10-14 | Ps. 24:1-6 | Lk. 1:26-38

As we draw closer to Christmas, the Church brings us deeper into the mystery of the Incarnation through the readings of today.  The Gospel tells the story of the angel appearing to Mary to announce the news that she is to be the mother of God.  Isaiah reflects the prophet Ahaz and God’s promise to carry out the covenant from old and to send the Savior, Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”  Mary is visited by God’s angel, and her response is “yes.”  She is surprised and terrified as well.  God comes to us each day through prayer, other people, and events.  Are we listening to God’s voice each day?  Do we fill our day with all kinds of activities so that we can’t see the numerous ways in which God reveals Himself to us?

Today, spend time with Mary.  Watch her as she listens to the angel’s words.  Ask her to help you to be able to slow down and listen.  During these last days of preparation for Christmas, our culture seems to suggest that we pick up the pace of our activity.  God wants us to slow down and prepare our hearts for Christmas.  How can you slow down?  Take some time for reflection each day.  Emmanuel will be with you.

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