Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Advent

Song of Songs 2:8-14 | Ps. 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21 | Lk. 1:39-45

The Song of Songs is a love song from God to His people.  God is telling us that winter is over and gone.  The flowers are appearing.  “Arise and come for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.” How gracious and loving our God is to tell us how much God loves us.  The Gospel tells us that Mary left home immediately after the angel departed.  Her concern goes to Elizabeth because she is old and has never had children.  Elizabeth would need help, and Mary knows it. She goes in haste.

We need to be like Mary and live our lives with love.  When someone is in need, we should go to that person’s aid.  Mary also shows us how reflection will guide us to help others.  When Mary is praised by Elizabeth, Mary takes the compliment and uses it to give praise and thanksgiving to God.  God has gifted us by the trillions.  Decide how you will take time to reflect on these scriptural texts.  Apply what you learn to your own life.   

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