Feast of Holy Innocents

Readings: 1Jn. 1:5-2:2 | Ps. 124:2-5, 7c-8 | Mt. 2:13-18

John continues to tell us about Jesus. He assures us that Jesus came from God and as such brought light into the world. Wherever there is darkness, it is because those people and places do not walk in the light of Christ and have not accepted Christ’s light into their lives. Those who refuse to admit that they have sinned are liars and continue to walk in the darkness. Those who admit they are sinners, are forgiven by and through the saving acceptance of Christ’s death on the cross. The Gospel relates the story of the killing of the innocent children by Herod. Truly, Herod did not walk in the light. His concern was that he be “numero uno” and so he took steps to ensure that no one would get in his way. Therefore, he ordered the death of children to preserve his place. Joseph is forewarned in a dream to escape to Egypt to save Christ’s life. This Gospel celebrates the Holy Innocents whom we remember today.

During this day and throughout this Christmas Season, look at your own life. In what ways do you proclaim Christ and in what ways do you sacrifice others (truly or simply by taking their goods, or good name etc. away from them). How can you change that? Take some precise step to overcome that action today.

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