Feast of St. Thomas Becket

Readings: 1 Jn 2:3-11 | Ps. 96:1-3, 5b-6 | Lk. 2:22-35

The Gospel relays the story of the Presentation of Jesus into the Temple. This was a ceremony that was required by law; so, Joseph and Mary saw to it that they fulfilled this obligation. Simeon, an old and faithful man, came into the temple at the time that the Holy Family was there. Because Simeon was faithful and obeyed God, God promised him that he would not die until he saw the Messiah. It was the Holy Spirit who directed Simeon to the temple at this moment in time. Immediately, Simeon recognized Christ as the Messiah. This was his reward. Simeon makes a prophecy that Christ would be the cause of the rise and fall of many. He also tells Mary that she too would suffer. This is truly a great gift of light to them from the Holy Spirit. It is as if John’s world of truth and light spoken in the Gospel are meant for them. The Word was meant for them and it is meant for us as well. It is important that we are open to the Holy Spirt and listen to the various ways in which the light of Christ comes into our lives.

Take time to reflect on how open you are to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Remember each of us has the gift of the Holy Spirit through our Baptism. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to be open to His directions and to be courageous enough to help others. Desire to live as you are called to live, through the working of the Holy Spirit.

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