Feast of St. Francis Xavier

 Is. 29:17-24 | Ps. 27:1, 4, 13-14 | Mt. 9:27-31

Today we hear words that invite us to live in hope and in faith.  Isaiah’s words deliver great hope about the restoration of Lebanon, those who are blind and afflicted in any way.  Isaiah calls us to hear all the great deeds that God will bring about for those who are faithful.  Jesus reiterates this need for faith when the two blind men come to be healed.  It is almost a prerequisite to the healing that is to take place. God asks that we place our lives into God’s hands believing in God’s desire for wholeness for us.  The two who are blind are so grateful that they are unable to keep this Good News to themselves.  They are compelled, it seems, to go out and tell everyone what Jesus had done for them.

Pray with these scriptures through the lens of faith.  What do you need from God?  Do you believe that God can do this?  Ask God to do so.  God will only do good things.

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