Feast of St. Nicholas

 Is. 35:1-10 | Ps. 85:9-14 | Lk. 5:17-26

Isaiah tells us that “the wilderness and dry land will be glad.  The desert will rejoice and blossom.”  He tells the fearful to be strong and not to fear.  Those who follow the path of the Messiah will walk the Holy Way.  It will bring peace, joy and healing to those in need.  Isaiah gives a wonderful description of all the great and grand things that God will do for the people through the Messiah.  Jesus, the Messiah, comes and is doing exactly as predicted.  Those who prepared for His coming were able to recognize Him.  Those who refused to prepare and ignored the words of the prophet were not able to recognize Him.  Jesus did as foretold by Isaiah.  He brought healing to the sick, made the cripple walk and the blind see.  Jesus is seen healing the paralytic in the Gospel.  However, those who were not prepared and were spiritually blind could not and did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  However, the crowd, those who prepared, recognized the greatness of Jesus and gave thanks to God.

We are called to prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ.  What one area of your heart needs to be refreshed and changed?  Bring that area to Jesus.  Ask Jesus to heal that area or old wound.  Trust that God will do so.  Give thanks to God when you are healed

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